Big data and digital methods - 2019/20

Instructor: Prof.Massimo Marchi
Seminars: Prof.Alessandro Provetti

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Information about the finals

Due to the global emergency, the evaluation wil be performed in two step:

  • First, you have to private share to me by some online service, like pcloud, google drive or similar,
    • your project
    • a brief explaination of your project, 5 minutes, in form of a short video
  • A breaf video-chat session by some online services like Microsoct Teams, Skype or other to be agreed.
When you share your contribution we can fix the videochat.

Exam dates

  • Several other dates along the year, see on SIFA.
  • Earlier dates are available, to accomodate Erasmus/specific needs.


  • Exam must be done in English (even for materials)
  • You have to have completed the on-line Snakify exercices until the point 11, included
  • Basic knowledge on Python and programming in Python.
  • Produce a python code that import a non trivial dataset and perform some statistical analysis using a puython library.

Style of evaluation

  • A discussion on your code.


> La valutazione sarà assegnata sulla capacità di utilizzare Python?
> Will the rating be assigned to the ability to use the Python language?

E' necessario avere una minima conoscenza di programmazione python:
variabili, array e hash, cicli for, strutture if-then-else, 
come importare librerie, cosa sono gli oggetti e come usarli in pithon. 
Il candidato deve conoscere il proprio codice e saperlo manipolare. 

It need to have a basic knowledge on programming with python: variables, 
array  and hash, for-cycle, if-then-else, importing libraries, what is an 
object and how use it in python. Candidate must know your own code and must
be able to manage it.