How to Resolve the DSO Exploit Problem (WinME)

Spybot is finding that the vulnerability that allows a DSO Exploit is "not disabled.". With the latest Windows Updates, you should be protected against an actual DSO Exploit, regardless of the registry entries found, so the Spybot warning can be ignored.

The Spybot fix did not correctly edit the registry values found, because the data type was incorrectly set to other than DWORD (the correct accepted value), so Windows cannot specifically disable the annoyance (Windows cannot read the value because it is in the wrong format for that specific Registry Value). This minor bug in Spybot should be fixed by now.

To manually fix the registry entries, double click (?) the finding in Spybot to jump to registry key. There, make sure that when modifying the values for 1003 and 1004, that the Value Type is set to DWORD with a value of 00 00 00 03 (for disabled).


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