Win 2K: Problem With USB Serial cable adapter

During the installation of my USB Serial cable adapter, Windows recognizes the cable as a Motorola Comp Modem (Some time ago I had installed and removed the Motorola Mobile Phone tools). After some warning, the procedure crash due to a missing file ser2pl.sys. I resolved in this manner. Find in the Windows\inf directory the file contains the string "Motorola Comp Mmodem" (my file was "oem23.inf") and remove it

Click-right on desktop icon Computer and ask for Property->Manage Peripherials
On menu View set the option Show Hidden peripherials
Remove from Modem the item Motorola Comp Modem
Download the Driver for USB Serial Cable from Prolific

I found it by show the property->detail on the unknown peripherial, something like this:
USB\VID_067B&PID_2303\5&35538A0&0&1 VID and PID corresponds to the USB peripherial type 067B:2303.
Remove and reinstall the unknow peripherial.

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